In 2005, competitive amateur equestrian Michelle Osgood purchased a new ASTM/SEI-approved GPA helmet in order to comply with the new USEF safety standards. Riding an average of five horses every day, Osgood found the helmet comfortable, but her hairnet left a painful “dot” on her forehead. After listening to her complain of painful headaches from the “dot,” Osgood’s husband Sven, a farrier, told her to make a better one.

After nearly four years of research and design work, Michelle Osgood did just that. She then struggled to find a manufacturer willing to take her product seriously. Finally, a successful partnership with Economy Disposables was forged and the One KnotTM Hairnet was born. The product debuted in late 2009 and was formally introduced to the equestrian retail community at the American Equestrian Trade Association (AETA) trade show in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, in February, 2010.

On coming up with the idea for One KnotTM Hairnet, Osgood said, “When I talked to other riders at the end of a long horse show day, we would all complain about the headache and the embarrassing forehead dot from wearing a helmet and hairnet all day.”

Her first step was to take apart a traditional hairnet to see how it was made. “I pulled it apart and found two metal clamps holding the netting together. No wonder they’re uncomfortable!” One KnotTM Hairnet contains no metal clamp, and has only one knot that is placed at the back of the neck. The front of the hairnet is smooth. The elastic material Osgood selected for the hairnets was so strong, she decided to make hair ties with the material as well. Each package of One KnotTM Hairnets includes two hairnets and a matching hair tie. Soon, Osgood had 40,000 packages of hairnets.

The first distributor to sign up to carry the One KnotTM Hairnet was GT Reid, a 40-year-old equestrian and gift product distributorship, owned and operated by Gerry and Sandy Reid. “The Reids were enthusiastic and supportive from the very beginning and gave us our first opportunity to introduce One KnotTM Hairnets to tack shops across the country,” says Osgood. Other distributors soon followed, and today the product is distributed exclusively by Intrepid International and GT Reid and is widely available to riders across the country from hundreds of local tack shops as well as national retailers including Beval, Dover and SmartPak.

Sven and Michelle Osgood with Willow.

Reviews from riders have been exuberantly positive. SmartPak’s most popular online product reviewer wrote: “The One KnotTM Hairnet is literally a revolution for riders. Wow, such a simple concept – why hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Eliminate hairnet headache for good. It comes with a matching scrunchie which means I never have to fight to get a hair elastic out of the hairnet. THE solution to all of your hairnet problems.”

Michelle and Sven Osgood first introduced equestrians to the One KnotTM Hairnet at week six of the Vermont Summer Festival Horse Show in Manchester, Vermont. While Osgood competed on her horse, husband Sven peddled his wife’s new creation. The reaction from riders was immediate and positive. Before the show was over, Sven had earned the moniker, “the hairnet guy.” It’s stuck.

Michelle and Sven Osgood reside in East Fairfield, Vermont. Sven Osgood has been a farrier for more than 20 years. Michelle’s professional experience includes nearly 20 years in aviation customer service and management as well as several years as a professional equestrian trainer.